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Being arrested for DUI can be a frightening and sometimes humiliating experience for anyone.  At the Tiemann Law Firm we feel that your arrest, plus the possible DUI penalties, can make a DUI incident very difficult to deal with.  With federal and state campaigns pushing for the arrest and conviction of those involved with a DUI, you are going to face motivated law enforcement and court personnel seeking the maximum punishments provided by law.  An experienced and knowledgeable Sacramento DUI defense attorney from our firm stands ready to fight for the defense or your rights and to ensure that the results of your case are fair.

At the time of your arrest you driver's license was probably suspended or revoked.  We want you to know that you have a legal right to contest the suspension or revocation of your license.  In our state your arrest will trigger two legal actions against you.  One will be the criminal case taken up in our court system.  The other will be in front of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and per the law, you have just 10 days to schedule your DMV hearing to defend against the suspension of your license.  This is termed the "10 day rule" and if you do not request the hearing within 10 days you will have no defense against your driver's license suspension.

DUI Arrest Handlings

We would like the opportunity to aggressively defend you at your DMV hearing.  Just as there are many professions that we are not expert in, we would not expect you to know how to successfully defend yourself at a DUI hearing.  It is a common misconception that if you are arrested for a DUI it is a slam-dunk case against you.  This is not necessarily true at all.  Many times there are errors in law enforcement procedures or the evidence that is presented that can be brought to light in your defense. 

In certain circumstances you may be able to drive under a restricted license so that you can get back and forth to work, drive to school or other restricted situations.  Your DMV hearing will zero in solely on the suspension or revocation of your driver's license.  There are specific questions that will be asked and that need to be properly answered in order to protect your rights.  Let's get the best possible result that we can in your case.

Contact a DUI Defense Lawyer in Sacramento if you have been arrested for any sort of DUI violation and desire aggressive, experienced legal help.

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