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Boating Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs

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Like a DUI, boating under the influence of alcohol is illegal.  One is considered as legally not authorized to operate a boat or maritime vessel if one's blood alcohol concentration is at .08% or higher.  If you have been arrested or charged with boating under the influence (BUI), get in touch with a Sacramento DUI defense attorney as soon as you possibly can.  The Tiemann Law Firm may be able to help you get your charges reduced or dismissed, depending on the circumstances.

A first offense is commonly a misdemeanor, while repeat offenses of up to 3 prior times in ten years can escalate the charge to a felony.  Any charge may result in jail time and fines.  The more serious the charge, the more potential jail or prison time and the higher the fines can be.  You will also have your boating privileges suspended until the matter is fully settled.  Your driver's license may also be suspended even though you were boating and not in a road vehicle at the time of arrest.  Any DUI penalties may apply.

BUI Defense Lawyer in Sacramento

Similar to a DUI, a BUI - or boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs - is less often called "boating while intoxicated".  It carries very serious consequences, equally serious as driving under the influence.  Penalties from misdemeanor to felony can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars in fines and months to years of incarceration, depending on the severity of conviction.  California law does not prohibit passengers having open alcohol on a boat, whereas one may not do so in a car.  Otherwise BUI laws are virtually identical to DUI laws.  Boating actions which may attract unwanted attention from waterway patrol officers or Coast Guard can include making a wake by speeding too fast in a 5 mph zone around a marina, reckless boating, turning too fast or generally acting out of control. 

Contact a Sacramento BUI Defense Lawyer for experienced and tough representation of clients who have been arrested or charged with drunk boating.

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