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Field Sobriety Tests

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When an officer of the law stops a driver on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, they do so because they have observed behavior on which they have judged the individual to possibly be drunk or drugged to impairment.  They then stop the person at their discretion.  If you were stopped, the officer may then ask you to perform a series of motions called field sobriety tests (FSTs) while they watch to see if there are any additional potential signs of intoxication.  If they believe there are, you may be arrested and have your license taken from you on the scene. At this point, you should get in touch with a qualified Sacramento DUI defense attorney at our offices as soon as you can. 

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Field sobriety tests have been varied over the years and there has been a lot of discussion about what is and is not a valid test.  Currently, the only three valid things which are tested are the walk and turn, one-leg stand and a test referred to as a horizontal gaze nystagmus, which has to do with a steady gaze or shaking eyes.

Examples of Field Sobriety Tests: Walk and Turn

Examples of Field Sobriety Tests: One Leg Stand Test

Examples of Field Sobriety Tests: HGN Test

When you get stopped on suspicion of drunk driving, you are not legally required to comply to the law enforcement officer's request to undergo these tests.  However, if you are arrested on suspicion of driving drunk you are required to undergo blood and urine tests, which are more accurate.  Blood alcohol concentration is measured with these chemical tests and a level of .08% or higher constitutes a legally drunk status.  These tests can sometimes be challenged on their accuracy for various reasons, including poor maintenance of testing equipment, which must be regularly serviced to maintain their highest degree of accuracy.  If you have been arrested for drunk driving, we can discuss your case and explore available avenues for your defense. 

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