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Under 21 DUI Charges and Penalties

If you are a driver who is under 21 you are subject to California's Zero Tolerance Law regarding alcohol and driving.  What this means is that if you are suspected, pulled over to be tested and have just 0.01% of alcohol shown on your BAC test you will be found guilty.  It does not matter whether your driving ability was impaired or not.  You may have only had one drink and not feel any effect at all but this does not matter.  Because of the severity of the penalties you may face if convicted you should speak to a Sacramento DUI defense lawyer at the Tiemann Law Firm to receive a free same day consultation to discuss your case.

Even if you had drunk no alcohol if you have taken cough syrup prior to driving your BAC may show more than the 0.01% limit.  Because of the unreliability of Breathalyzer tests and because of the small amount that will trigger an arrest, we will challenge the results of your BAC testing.  Our lawyers are specially trained in the science behind and the use of both breath and blood alcohol tests and are well qualified to contest the results.

Under 21 DUI Defense Lawyer in Sacramento

If you are convicted under the Zero Tolerance Law you will face the following civil penalties:

Because these charges are under the jurisdiction of the DMV you will need to request a DMV Hearing within 10 days of your arrest to contest your license suspension.  If will be to your advantage to be represented by a lawyer at your hearing.  A DMV official, not a judge, oversees such hearings.  They will review the evidence and testimony of the arresting officer.  An experienced DUI defense attorney can contest the evidence and question the officer in an effort to have your charges dismissed.

Contact a Sacramento Under 21 DUI Defense Lawyer to get the experienced and aggressive legal representation you need to keep your license.

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